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We currently do not take payment online, we will collect cash on delivery. If the booking is outside we can only set up on a grass area as hard surfaces can damage the castle and be dangerous. Between November and March we only accept INDOOR bookings due to the unpredictable weather. If you have any question or need help making your booking you can call us on 07583 222 304. WEEKDAY BOOKINGS CANNOT BE COMPLETED ONLINE IF YOU NEED TO BOOK BETWEEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY INCLUDING BANK HOLIDAYS PLEASE CALL US ON 07583 222 304

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Please enter the start and finish times of your party. We will arrive 30 minutes before the time you have entered to set up. Please be aware of a Late pick up fee (after 8pm) £20 and Overnight fee £30. WEEKDAY BOOKINGS CANNOT BE COMPLTED ONLINE PLEASE CALL 07583 222 304

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